What is?

What is?

The Biodomo is a window to life. Its main pillar is the biodiversity of the planet. It is a space to understand the relationships between human beings and the environment where they live, as well as the mechanisms facilitating life and the need to preserve it.

It is an immersive place where the living creatures are the main characters, but above all, it is a space dedicated to environmental education, species conservation and scientific research.

Several natural habitats from the tropical areas and the evergreen and humid rainforest in the planet are recreated in the Biodomo. They are the most exuberant and diverse habitats in the world. They are some of the “biodiversity hotspots” of our planet: Places where the biological diversity is at its maximum level, but also they are subjected to big environmental pressures that endanger that huge environmental potential. In the Biodomo, terrestrial, air and aquatic animals play in harmony with the typical vegetation of the area of origin, such as, trees, bushes, herbaceous, epifitas and lianas. They represent the ecosystems of those areas and also increment the biodiversity of Biodomo within their climatic range.

The Biodomo is located in the Parque de las Ciencias, an interactive science museum of over 70,000 m2, opened in 1995 and located just a few minutes from the historic center of Granada with one of the most varied cultural and scientific leisure activities in Europe . It is managed by a Public Consortium, made up of the following institutions: